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We were curious about the needs and desires of casino-goers in the Northeast. To that end, we conducted a poll among 400 of them in February 2017 to learn about their behaviors. A major draw for casino-goers is the one-stop-shop opportunity for entertainment (restaurants, live shows, hotels) followed by the more traditional activities, like slots, the arcade and table games. Some differences are noted based on gender, age and income (as detailed later in this section).

Breaking it down further

In general, more young consumers are drawn to the casino than older ones.

  • The 18-34 group finds the arcade and table games of considerable appeal compared to the older group.
  • In contrast, the slot machines attract 35+ consumers significantly more than younger ones.
  • The 35-54 age group finds hotels on-site considerable more appealing than other groups.
  • While less interested overall, the 55+ group appreciates the restaurants on-site and slot machines.
From a gender standpoint, men are drawn to the casino, in general, more than women, in particular when it comes to the availability of Tables, Arcade and Entertainment.

  • The higher-income consumers ($100K+) are drawn to the casino, overall, more so than the other income groups.
  • The higher the income, the more interest in the restaurants on-site, and to some degree, the live entertainment and hotels.
  • The slots appeal more to the $25K-$49K group than any other income group, and less so by the tables, arcade or hotels.

Participant profiles


Poll conducted in February 2017 among 500 consumers in the Northeast.


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