Customer Appreciation in Banking

A simple gesture is all it takes for a customer to feel valued. According to this study, 46% prefer to have coffee and cookies when they come into the branch. Nearly as many feel reciprocated when they can enjoy a sports or entertainment event courtesy of their bank.

Breaking it down further

It turns out that men and women are moved in different ways. In fact, MEN prefer to see their bank make financial contributions to a charity of their choice, be invited to hear speakers on financial topics and receive handwritten letters from their bank significantly more than women.

The Facts


of MEN prefer their bank to show appreciation by “making financial contributions to a charity of their choice” compared to 31% of WOMEN


of MEN prefer “featured speakers on financial topics” vs. 14% of WOMEN


of MEN feel appreciated receiving “handwritten letters from the bank,” more so than WOMEN (14%)


of WOMEN prefer the bank to “give away tickets to sports and entertainment events,” more so than MEN (36%) 

Age also makes a difference, in particular for those in the younger bracket (18-34) when compared to those over 55. The younger group drives many of the preferences; the older group suggests other ways, including lower rates, gift cards and overall good customer service, they feel appreciated.

There are very few differences when looking at household income. The exception is for those in the $100,000+ income bracket, who indicated they appreciate when their bank makes financial contributions to a charity of their choice (as much as free coffee and cookies while banking).

Participant profiles


Poll conducted in February 2017 among 500 consumers in the Northeast.


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