Apple Appeal

We wanted to find out people’s preferences for purchasing apples, the propensity to buy local and other factors considered when choosing apples. What we learned is that 8 in 10 will buy a New York apple because of taste and a desire to support the local economy. Many also prefer New York apples because they are fresher. More findings are noted below.

How Apples are Consumed

People do judge the fruit by its cover.

Decision Making Criteria

Additional Findings

Other factors that affect purchasing behavior:

  • Consumers consider “no bruises/blemishes” and “texture” first before state of origin.
  • 40% are unaware of the origin of the apples they purchase
  • 72% buy apples at a grocery store and 14% at a farmer’s market
  • Bagged apples are purchased more (54%), followed by individual apples (27%)
Eating behaviors:

  • 52% eat apples because they are a healthy option
  • 23% eat apples because they love the taste
  • 66% eat apples weekly >11% eat apples monthly
  • 19% eat apples only when in season

Where are apples purchased?

How are apples purchased?